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Barclays’ are a tour de force in international banking, leading the global financial services industry and constantly reviewing and developing new retail banking offerings and environments.

These environments include Flagship branches, incorporating as many different banking services as possible, and range in value from £1.5m - £4m; Remodels, with extensive refurbishment of an existing trading branch and typically around £1m in value; and Refreshes, which integrate new format decorations / furnishings but non-intrusive alterations to the branch. Trading is always maintained and uninterrupted. These are typically sub-£500k in value.

Initially we were briefed to maintain the master programme, enabling a rollout of over 200 refurbishments and new branches to be phased and delivered over a two-year period. Lewis & Hickey also provided assistance in the branch acquisition process and feasibility studies, reviewing all aspects of the design, component choice and delivery techniques.

We also provide architectural, project management and interior design services, Landlords Approvals, Planning Permissions and Building Regulations compliance.

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