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Acme Boulevard offers premium 2 and 3 BHK residences distributed in 6 towers of 26 storey each, on a common 6 level parking podium, including 2 basements.  A range of community amenities and club facilities are designed on the top-most landscape podium.

With a view to create premium sustainable green homes in the dense suburb of Andheri, the towers are designed and positioned to ensure maximum views from apartments and long vistas between towers. Through a number of iterations the tower placements have been resolved to ensure privacy and avoid overlooking. In order to ensure maximum green cover on the ground level the podium footprint is restricted to building edges. The podium roof top has maximum landscape and green roof areas with an integrated open club design.

The apartments are designed such that the rooms have large sheltered windows for maximum daylight penetration while ensuring solar shading. The project is pre-certified Green Homes by IGBC.

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