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Since November 2017, Lewis & Hickey have been involved in the redevelopment of Sebastian Street in London for leading Student Accommodation provider Liberty Living. The revamped site comprising of 190 beds and studios completed in the company’s contemporary signature colour scheme ensures that Liberty Living continue to thrive within the student residential sector and stay at the forefront of the market! This has only been achieved by working closely with Concept Group FF&E Limited specialist contractor and Liberty Living themselves

The rooms feel bright and open thanks to the fresh white walls, up-to-date flooring and modern efficient lighting. Kitchenettes feature high gloss cupboard doors inside light wood cabinetry, solid surface worktops and Glass splashbacks. Just fit for the modern student.

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Photographs courtesy of Liberty Living



Since October 2017, Lewis & Hickey have been involved in the redevelopment of Cambrian Point in Cardiff for leading Student Accommodation provider Liberty Living. The revamped site comprising of 630 beds and studios completed in the company’s contemporary signature colour scheme ensures that Liberty Living continues to prosper within the student residential sector and stays centre stage of the market! This has only been achieved by working closely with Concept Group FF&E Limited specialist contractor and Liberty Living themselves.

The rooms feel bright and open thanks to the fresh white walls, up-to-date flooring and modern efficient lighting. Cluster kitchens feature high gloss cabinetry and solid surface worktops, just right for the modern student.

Images courtesy of Liberty Living




Lewis & Hickey have, since September 2017, been involved in the redevelopment of Liberty Park in Leeds for leading Student Accommodation provider; Liberty Living. The updated site comprising of 564 beds and studios completed in the company’s signature colour scheme ensures that Liberty Living thrives within the student residential sector and stays ahead of the market! This has only been achieved by working closely with Auxillium specialist contractor and Liberty Living themselves.

The rooms feel light and airy thanks to the fresh walls, new flooring and updates to lighting. Cluster kitchens feature high gloss cabinetry and solid surface worktops, perfect for the modern student.

Images courtesy of Liberty Living



Lewis & Hickey have been involved in the redevelopment of St Johns Street in London for leading Student Accommodation provider Liberty Living since November 2017. The refurbished site comprising of 170 beds and studios, originally completed as a pilot study for Liberty Living in a newly updated contemporary colour scheme alongside trendy up to date FF&E, has recently been completed. The site, although significantly different visually from other Liberty Living schemes previously completed, still manages to encompass Liberty Livings core values and exceptional quality which they have built their reputation on. This has only been fully achieved by working closely with Concept Group FF&E Limited specialist contractor and Liberty Living themselves. The scheme was completed in a 42 week contract duration.

The rooms feel bright and open thanks to the fresh white walls which now include feature wall colours, up-to-date Luxury LVT flooring and modern copper effect lighting and accessories. Studios are kitted out with bespoke kitchenettes, which include high quality solid surface worktops, handle less cupboard fronts, glass splashbacks and under cabinet lighting.

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Photographs courtesy of Liberty Living



Our building has brought life and vitality to this underused part of Guildford, in line with the National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 23. It is considered to be an appropriate alternative use for the site because of its close proximity to University of Surrey, the Town Centre and Guildford Railway Station.

The proposal has relieved pressure on housing within the Borough as a number of students (170 beds) will be accommodated within the development. These students no longer require private housing within or near the Town Centre, which will free up the supply for potential residents of Guildford.

The surrounding area is underused and has the potential for redevelopment. It also suggests that the area is a prime opportunity area within Guildford Town Centre. The proposed use for student accommodation complements any residential development and encourages the vitality of the area. 

The initial design of the scheme has been considered in relation to the context of the surrounding area to ensure it is relative to the existing built form. Due to the historic architecture and landmarks within Guildford, in particular the Cathedral, due consideration has been given to viewpoints within the surrounding area during the design process of the development.

The layout of the building incorporates a courtyard space which provides aspect over amenity space; this design not only contributes towards sustainable development environmentally, it also provides a more pleasant living space, whilst increasing safety and security through natural surveillance for the students. The development is a great success and is fully booked with students at a premium rent.



Liberty Living is one of the largest student accommodation providers in the United Kingdom, with a highly reputable presence and longevity within the Student residential sector.

Established in 2000, it was acquired by Canada Pension Plan Investment Board in March 2015 as a catalyst for further expansion in this asset class. Liberty Living has invested substantially in its student accommodation portfolio in the last 12 months and manages a portfolio of nearly 25,000 beds in 51 UK residences in 21 cities. Since 2010, Lewis and Hickey have been working with Liberty Living as their key architects assisting in the design and development for Liberty Living’s expanding portfolio.

Having been inherent to the development of an architectural and interiors solution for the refurbishment of their student accommodation in particular, Lewis & Hickey have now completed to date, approximately 5,200 bed refurbishments, with around another 2,000 to be completed in autumn 2018 across various sites in the UK for Liberty Living. More recent schemes in London have allowed Lewis & Hickey to fully consider the redevelopment of Liberty Living’s overall brand image. This has allowed our Interior Design department an opportunity to create an updated high end approach to their current accommodation which shall place Liberty Living at the forefront of the market. This has only been fully achieved by working closely with specialist contractors and Liberty Living themselves.

In recent years, Lewis & Hickey have been involved collaboratively with a branding consultant at Liberty Point Southampton to deliver a vast social ground floor space for students to enjoy. This included a gym space, cinema and breakout area to name a few.  More recently, we have been involved in the redevelopment of various reception spaces for Liberty Living, the latest site being in Cardiff. Cardiff has also allowed us the opportunity to re fresh one of their exterior façades.Typical refurbishment projects have included Liberty Park in Leeds with around 550 beds which is one of Liberty Living’s latest schemes with Lewis & Hickey; Liberty Park in Cardiff with around 330 beds and Liberty Quays in Southampton with around 560 beds to name a few. To read more about Liberty Point, Southampton click here

To read more about Liberty Living click here

Images courtesy of Liberty Living


LIBERTY LIVING | Southampton

Liberty Point in Southampton, formerly known as Orion’s Point, is a city centre student residence close to Southampton’s top three Universities.

Lewis & Hickey have recently completed development works on Blocks A, B and C in September 2016 after a five year programme from inception through to completion. The works were aimed at converting a mixed-use office and student housing development into a complete student residential site.

This has been a complex multi-building project involving works to three tower blocks using three different main contractors all working simultaneously. Students were also on site in accommodation throughout the duration of the project.

For the conversion works, all study bedrooms to Block A have new self-contained study and sleeping quarters with en-suite bathroom facilities in each bedroom. The study bedrooms have been arranged into apartments or “clusters” of typically six to seven occupants with each cluster being self-contained; the residents have access to a dedicated self-catering kitchen / diner with integral lounge.

Blocks B and C have undergone major refurbishment works which now provides a consistent fresh ‘look and feel’ to the site.



Lewis & Hickey are currently on site with the £40m new build campus for Regents Godiva in Coventry city centre.

The accommodation comprises 772 bed cluster and studio student housing, social hub, seminar rooms and associated offices. The masterplan addressed the conflicting demands of height limitations affecting views of historic buildings, daylight for adjacent existing residential properties, and a landmark edge of the city centre location. Following an extensive site analysis exercise we proposed a series of finger blocks that maximise daylight penetration into and through the site, and a perimeter block that creates a defined street edge and shields the interior of the site from noise and pollution from the adjacent dual carriageway.

L&H took part in a comprehensive community engagement programme which included public consultation and engagement with political and third party stakeholders. Massing and height were extensively modelled using BIM software and verified view analysis to create the best balance of landmark height and protection of views to the historic churches.



Opal Property Group is developing a prestigious £37m new-build mixed-use development at Chettles Yard in Nottingham. The proposal incorporates seven contemporary multi-storey student accommodation blocks, providing 1050 bedrooms, arranged in apartment clusters of typically five bedrooms with shared kitchen/ living rooms. In addition there are a further two buildings which will provide employment/ retail use on the site. The building facing Wollaton Road to the south of the site consists of a Retail ground floor with student accommodation independently accessed above.

Lewis & Hickey led the design team in producing and managing a design delivery strategy up to Planning submission, which was undertaken in just three months. This process included regular consultation meetings with the Local Authority by bringing them into the design process and becoming part of the overall delivery team. We also presented our proposals to Nottingham’s ‘Urban Design Forum’ who praised the scheme for its fresh approach to the design.




The new build 5 storey student accommodation scheme for our client Catsup Property Group is located on the corner of Russell Street and Forest Road West in Nottingham – a well-established area for Student Accommodation. The brownfield site is located on the periphery of the City Centre and is close to both Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham.

The project consists of 210 en-suite bedrooms arranged in four, five and six bed cluster flats and also includes individual studio apartments. The flats are split between two blocks, A & B which are accessed from the street. Block A has a ground floor management suite, Laundry and common room facing onto the prominent Forest Road West.  To the rear of the building is a courtyard providing bike storage, seating and limited car parking.

The buildings have been constructed using a structural SFS frame with the facades being finished predominantly in a brick cladding system with feature sections finished in timber or zinc cladding. Special attention has been given to the window surrounds and detailing as quality of design and workmanship was required to satisfy the planning authority in order to obtain planning approval.



Lewis &Hickey were appointed by the University of Stirling in May 2011 to develop proposals for the next generation of student accommodation on their campus. This phased programme has already delivered 786 beds through the development of two vacant sites and the demolition and re-building of two existing accommodation blocks.

The proposals are carefully integrated into the mature landscaping setting and will provide top of the range facilities for both student and commercial lets. Through the design process, careful consideration has been given to the integration of the buildings within the landscape and into the structural form of the overall residences neighbourhood. A simple palette of materials is also proposed reflecting the minimalist nature of the existing architecture throughout the campus.

We have recently commenced design work on the fourth phase of student accommodation redevelopment. This next Phase will see the demolition of the current Geddes building with 180 beds to be built on the site. Accommodation will comprise a mixture of single ensuite study bedrooms and studios. The building design will follow the new aesthetic established over the last few years, which respects the original architecture and the campus setting, at the same time creating a crisp, modern, architecture.

Photography credits: McAteer Photography / Renzo Mazzolini Photography / Keith Hunter Photography




The Meadows site is situated in the southern corner of the Essex ‘Knowledge Gateway’, a new extension of the University’s Colchester campus.  The development will provide two distinct living styles; 420 en-suite bedrooms will be arranged in ‘cluster’ type flats, each accommodating between 5 and 7 students with a shared kitchen, whilst the remaining 228 bedrooms are to be located in individual 4-storey townhouses, each with a shared open-plan living space with kitchen/diner at the entrance level.
The buildings create a formal landscaped courtyard enclosed by the ‘wall’ of larger cluster blocks, accessible through secure gated openings, and providing a shared amenity space. Outside this space is an ‘organic’ setting, a public space with paths formed along and through an existing avenue of trees, leading off to the main campus to the east. A pavilion will house common facilities for residents bringing together students living in the individual blocks.

To mitigate what might otherwise be a monolithic external elevation, a sense of vitality has been introduced through the creative use of colour-blending across the facade, an architectural motif that continues around the site perimeter, extending across the terraced townhouses and creating a seemingly random interplay of stripes across the glazed wall of the pavilion's elevated common room, capturing in one location the same ‘colour wheel’ that is played out around the site.

The project was completed for occupation in the 2013-14 academic year.



Lewis & Hickey completed a major redevelopment of student accommodation for Aston University, involving the demolition of 3 towers and several low-rise buildings in order to provide new accommodation and rationalise a large city centre site. The scheme consists of four residential blocks providing 2400 en-suite student bedrooms as well as ancillary accommodation such as common and games facilities. The scheme also includes a new elevated sports pitch, a multi-faith centre, car parking and retail units.

The massing of the buildings is arranged to create a protective wall around a large landscaped park that houses some of the additional facilities. The wall is accented by two 18-storey towers that materially make reference to the traditional use of terracotta on nearby Victorian buildings. The buildings have been constructed using a structural SFS frame with the facades being finished predominantly in a brick cladding system with feature sections finished in timber or zinc cladding.

The scheme utilises several forms of sustainable technology in order to reduce its environmental impact, such as a combined heat and power plant, wind turbines, rainwater recycling and green roofs.




This £13.6m student accommodation project provides 340 bed spaces, plus communal kitchen / living facilities and social space. Residences provide a focal point to the campus, a pivotal building which is dynamic and contemporary, reinforcing the University’s vision as a 21st Century institution for learning.

Located in a prominent corner site at the intersection of two main thoroughfares through Paisley the design approach involves ‘completing’ the corner, acknowledging the urban planning of the surrounding area and referencing this in the built form. Of particular significance are the neighbouring properties which vary in scale and height. This is reflected in the proposed massing of the new building which steps downwards and opens out to the neighbouring properties. The building faces outwards towards a pedestrian zone along the west boundary.

It is intended that this area will develop into a centre for activity with the building’s main public areas adjoining it. In comparison the courtyard will be a quieter area where the landscaping proposals will be such to ensure an effective separation between the residences, the staff parking and the neighbouring cottages.

Photography credit: McAteer Photography



Crown Place Student residence comprises of 3 distinct buildings with 2 glazed towers at the heart of the development acting as way finding nodes into the campus. The scheme accommodates 1259 students and offers a variety of en-suite room types to suit all needs. Blocks 1 and 2 are designed around private courtyards which create break out spaces and relaxations areas. The scheme is designed to achieve ‘BREEAM’ Excellent and has an EPC rating of ‘A’ whilst views afforded from the higher levels look down on green roofs to the lower levels creating a path work garden.

The external façades take inspiration from the local vernacular to create a high quality streetscape. Glass Reinforced Concrete envelops the upper levels along the busy vehicular routes reflecting local use of Portland stone and is anchored into the site with contrasting dark blue masonry.

The inner courtyards have been treated in a durable High Pressure Laminate cladding to create a much softer feel. The towers themselves are designed as a fully glazed envelop and reflect the surrounding environment as they reach skywards culminating at 9 storeys with fantastic views across the campus and the city.

Photography Credit: Paul McMullin




Our £13m new build and refurbishment of Newcastle University’s student accommodation now complete.

Lewis & Hickey teamed up with Graham Construction to win the competitive dialogue bid for this project and work commenced on site with demolition and site preparation in the late summer of 2012. The project was carried out in two overlapping phases.

Accommodation provides 349 new bed-spaces through a mixture of demolition and new build combined with the refurbishment of traditional terraced buildings at Park and Kensington Terraces on the edge on the University's city centre campus. The new build element provides generously sized single en-suite and accessible bedrooms in cluster flat arrangements. Built in three blocks these range from 4 to 6 storeys with the top floors featuring zinc clad dormer windows within steeply sloping traditional slated roofs. Brick cladding is also employed so that the massing and materials echo the local urban grain and sit comfortably between the original streetscape on two sides of the site and higher, more modern buildings nearby.

One block forms a courtyard which will provide a quiet oasis of calm within the more bustling campus environs. High quality materials will also be used and a pedestrian link is opened up through the site to provide a landscaped pedestrian corridor between the University and the adjoining Exhibition Park. The refurbished terrace provides a mixture of single en-suite, accessible and studio bedrooms in town house groups reinstating the original residential pattern of Kensington Terrace. A management suite and laundry are also accommodated within the development.


Photography credit  - Steve Mayes Photography

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