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Pawel started his career as a university teacher at the School of Arts in Wroclaw, Poland from which he earlier graduated with a Master’s in Interior Architecture.

He joined L&H in March 2015. having moved from Havelock Europa PLC, a major Scottish manufacturer and contractor, where for over 7 years he was designing the equipment and interiors for retail, hospitality, banking and educational sectors.

Previously, for 16 years he was working on architectural interior projects in Poland. He says that period of time, when the new economic system in Poland was being built from scratch, gave him the unique opportunity to design and create interiors, furniture and various equipment in almost every area of human activity.

For several years Pawel was running his own interior design practice working on numerous residential projects. The important part of his business was the collaboration with a local manufacturer of hairdressing and beauty salon equipment. His at times award winning hairdressing collections were being showcased at various international exhibitions.

Outside of work Pawel is a father of two teenagers, an enthusiastic DIY practitioner and loves to explore Scotland. As well as practising his public speaking in one of Edinburgh Toastmasters Clubs.

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