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01 October 2017

Monday the 2nd October is World Architecture day established by the UIA (Union International des Architects). The web site says: “To mark this occasion, take a moment to consider the potential of architecture ……. to transform the lives of human beings across the globe.” and they conclude with: “It may be easy to forget in the daily grind, but take today to appreciate the great work you do, and the potential it has to better our world. Architects of the world – Enjoy your Day!”

So, with that in mind we thought we would review where in the world L&H have designed and delivered projects. From our offices throughout the UK and across the globe we have worked on projects in countries that include:

UK – Literally every corner of the UK and the British Isles (Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man); Republic of Ireland – Dublin plus various throughout Ireland; India – Mumbai plus various throughout India; Czech Republic – Prague: Marks & Spencer, Hard Rock café, Mango, Skoda, English International School plus various throughout CR; Taiwan – Shing Dan residential project and Chung Xiao hotel plus Taipei residential project; Holland –Amsterdam: Hard Rock Café; France – Paris: Hard Rock Café, Marks & Spencer; Spain – Lisbon: Hard Rock Café; Germany – Frankfurt: Student Accommodation, Munich: Hard Rock Café; Budapest – Gap, Hard Rock Café; Warsaw - Hard Rock Café; Vienna - Hard Rock Café; Istanbul- Marks & Spencer; Brussels- Marks & Spencer; Sri Lanka – Mixed use residential and leisure project; Jordan – Arab Bank; Abu Dhabi – Al Hilal Bank; Greece – Athens:  RBS branch fit out review and Egypt – Factory development.

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