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Al Hilal had the opportunity to create a distinctive brand culture and customer experience from the ground up.

L&H Studio where brought on board to develop all aspects of a piloted concept, reviewing and providing operational solutions that matched the brand ideals and placed the business in a strong position as it moved into roll-out phase. 

Using our retail and brand experience L&H Studio developed the design on an unprecedented banking scale with the creation of the Al Hilal Banking Mall in Abu Dhabi.

The Mall covered 3750 square meters of customer space on a single ground floor (not including the back of house spaces) and provides a separate environment for Retail, Ladies, Wealth, Corporate, Kids and Youth Banking. The site (and the bank) also offers a ‘one stop’ car retail space, a children’s theatre space and concession provision (currently taken up by Starbucks, Etisalat and Etihad Airways).

Each Banking offer has its own distinct sub-brand identity using specific materials and colourways that appeal to their specialised client base whilst still retaining a strong connection to the main business and Retail banking brand ideals. As example, the Kids Banking offer included a branded Al Hilal abacus, a ball pit and counters at a low level.

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