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Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd (McDonalds) | Mumbai

Since 2008 Lewis & Hickey India has been working with ‘Hardcastle Restaurant’, the master franchise owner of fast food chain McDonalds in Western & Southern India. We have completed over 100 design builds for McDonald’s in various formats across India. We have also executed outlets to introduce their ‘McCafé’ brand to India and rolled out a series of fresh concepts successfully.

L&H has been working with McD international design partners to roll-out the newest palettes at premium outlets in Mumbai:

‘Ray’ is developed as a cool, confident and customer obsessed service and retail experience at CR2 Mall, Mumbai.
‘Soho’ at McDonald’s Colaba is developed as a contemporary palette with an industrial outlook in the restaurant interiors.  Soho is a very relevant palette for the market, with a wide customer appeal.

These outlets introduce a range of EOTF (Experience of the future) elements like SOK (self-ordering kiosks), SSDM (self-serve drink machine), mobile-laptop charging, table ordering, gaming tabs & digital menu boards.  Each palette has gone through a rigorous design and detailing process with fresh wall graphics, variations in colours and textures, new materials and creation of new interior elements detailed to tie into new branding concepts.

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