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VAIBHAV EMPIRE PVT LTD | Kakinada, Seemandhra.

L&H India have created a bespoke pilot store for Vaibhav Jewellers n in Kakinada, Seemandhra.

The Vaibhav Empire, with a well-established family business of jewelry approached L&H with their vision to transform into a distinctive and pioneering luxury brand. Looking to expand their market share and outreach, the brief asked for a bold and powerful store design incorporating international retail branding trends and meticulous detailing to create a stimulating customer experience.

The store exterior is designed to stand out in the retail landscape and uses a soft glazed facade, intelligent lighting and strategic window displays for maximum impact. The store is segmented by product categories where bespoke and robustly engineered units with enhanced detailing provide a variety of display heights and secure storage which reduces the requirement for stock-holding vaults. Subtle patterning in varying degrees and intensity across the store’s façade, floor and displays strengthens the brand impact through store styling.

Sustainable lighting is used to create innovative, multiple level lighting effects with varying colour temperatures highlighting feature products. The use of light and shade also draws attention to the quality of the designs and provides additional sensory appeal.

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