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Taking a kitchen aesthetic and bringing it into the public space, the design allows for chunky stainless steel and solid oak table tops, putting quality materials where they are appropriate and robust, no-nonsense engineering to the rest of the interior.

In creating the 1802 brand and environmental graphics, we chose a name with historical reference (1802 was the date that West India Quay first opened), recognising 1802’s position as part of the museum whilst allowing it to legitimately stand alone as a destination. The graphics take on a modern, contemporary feel. As the building speaks for itself we used simple references to materials and water, giving a palette of colours deriving from rusting metal. Oversized text and coloured bands have been applied directly to the walls, complimenting rather than dominating the environment.

Above all it’s about creating a place where people will enjoy good food, fine wine and ice cool larger, where the host just wants everyone to relax and have a good time. The design should complement the experience.

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