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The site is located on the south western edge of the London Borough of Barnet (LBB) in North West London and adjacent to areas identified by LBB for regeneration as a high density development, such the West Hendon Estate.

The proposed development is comprised of three separate resi¬dential blocks containing 59 residential apartments and arranged around the existing courtyard and a new communal garden. The proposed layout and scale of the residen¬tial blocks addresses the existing topography of the site, increasing in height towards the north, and following the existing building line to the south.

Block A is the lowest building and reflects the existing height and roof shape of the buildings along Station Road. This residential block has been carefully designed to act as a buffer between the traffic on Station Road and the communal courtyards located in the middle and at the rear of the proposed development.

All three buildings, Blocks A, B and C, address the existing access routes to the site. These routes include a narrow passage way between the rear of the properties and Station Road and strip of road located adjacent to the motorway. By implementing the exist¬ing access routes through the site, and by responding to the local context, the proposal aims to turn a residential street into valued public space, and not just a place for movement.

The planned development has adopted the key design principles of the Home Zones including shared surfaces, areas of planting and features to encourage the use of the street; such as seating for residents. Indirect traffic routes and new signing to mark the speed limit for vehicles will contribute to road safety and encour¬age a range of activities to take place in streets that were formerly considered to be principally for vehicles.

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