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Lewis & Hickey are currently on site with the £40m new build campus for Regents Godiva in Coventry city centre.

The accommodation comprises 772 bed cluster and studio student housing, social hub, seminar rooms and associated offices. The masterplan addressed the conflicting demands of height limitations affecting views of historic buildings, daylight for adjacent existing residential properties, and a landmark edge of the city centre location. Following an extensive site analysis exercise we proposed a series of finger blocks that maximise daylight penetration into and through the site, and a perimeter block that creates a defined street edge and shields the interior of the site from noise and pollution from the adjacent dual carriageway.

L&H took part in a comprehensive community engagement programme which included public consultation and engagement with political and third party stakeholders. Massing and height were extensively modelled using BIM software and verified view analysis to create the best balance of landmark height and protection of views to the historic churches.

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