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Our building has brought life and vitality to this underused part of Guildford, in line with the National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 23. It is considered to be an appropriate alternative use for the site because of its close proximity to University of Surrey, the Town Centre and Guildford Railway Station.

The proposal has relieved pressure on housing within the Borough as a number of students (170 beds) will be accommodated within the development. These students no longer require private housing within or near the Town Centre, which will free up the supply for potential residents of Guildford.

The surrounding area is underused and has the potential for redevelopment. It also suggests that the area is a prime opportunity area within Guildford Town Centre. The proposed use for student accommodation complements any residential development and encourages the vitality of the area. 

The initial design of the scheme has been considered in relation to the context of the surrounding area to ensure it is relative to the existing built form. Due to the historic architecture and landmarks within Guildford, in particular the Cathedral, due consideration has been given to viewpoints within the surrounding area during the design process of the development.

The layout of the building incorporates a courtyard space which provides aspect over amenity space; this design not only contributes towards sustainable development environmentally, it also provides a more pleasant living space, whilst increasing safety and security through natural surveillance for the students. The development is a great success and is fully booked with students at a premium rent.

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