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Occupying approximately 21 hectares at the northern periphery of Whiltehill & Bordon town, Louisburg Barracks was originally built at the turn of the 20th Century to house Field Artillery Regiments.

Now vacated by the Ministry of Defence, the majority of the site is being developed as new build residential housing. The conversion of Broxhead House, previously the Officer’s Mess, into a Business and Enterprise Centre forms the focal point for the completed development.

Although unlisted, the building is of local historic interest and the intention is to retain as much of the existing building fabric as possible, whilst also reducing the use of embodied energy and carbon.

The original historical east elevation and the majority of the internal  fabric has been retained, while the less aesthetically defined and functional ‘wing’ extensions in poor physical condition have been demolished to allow for the construction of a new, contemporary, pavilion style entrance to the rear.

Within the building, new office space has been created, maximising the use of historic structure and features. The existing entrance hall links to the new entrance pavilion and the contrast between new and old elements is celebrated. Building users are able to make use of a range of facilities including meeting room, kitchen and the business lounge. The open access lounge area is situated in the largest and grandest original room, which offers a space for tenants and visitors to socialise, and hold informal meetings.

In creating a sympathetic landscape setting for Broxhead House, the design has reinforced the key concepts of the axial approach to the building entrances, and the formality and symmetry of the Edwardian building through use of structured planting. On the west side of the building, a gable wall of the demolished officers’ mess extension will be retained forming a ‘secret garden’ adjacent to the proposed new entrance that will provide a private external space.

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