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L&H have recently completed the fit-out of an existing city centre office building over 5 floors to create an open plan office accommodating 8 divisions of Information Services with a workforce totalling over 550 people. Personnel had been housed in some 16 locations spread over the city. The new office accommodation includes: audio booths; a recording studio; workshops; training rooms; meeting rooms; open plan offices and; a staff room. The design is to consider learners, researchers and teachers who will all use the meeting and training suite at Ground Floor. Each of the 15+ meeting and training rooms are provided with AV equipment, with interactive smart boards at entrances to aid navigation and provide information on IS events both within the building and across the campus.

This project is the single biggest investment by the University in a support group. The aim of the project was to increase inter -division collaboration by providing an agile working environment allowing for flexible working patterns and office space. Focus spaces, Collaborative and Social spaces and Meeting spaces are provided. Elements include: touchdown standpoints; 4 person ‘cubes’ for impromptu meetings; ‘hangers’ – flexi-spaces with folding tables and rotating smart boards for team working and; versatile collaboration areas which can be open or enclosed. The project is an exemplar project on how wisely space can be used with flexibility and standardisation built in so that people can move around the floors. This included the development of an IT strategy ensuring that every space is capable of meeting varied user data, power and AV requirements. The project was divided into 5 phases to assist relocating staff from different areas of the University.


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