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Having been commissioned for the complete design and branding for the newly formed Vaibhav retail empire across India, L&H were engaged to design and implement a new headquarters office building for the same client.

Taking the branded theme from the retail environment of simple effective and enriched design, the offices are designed to welcome and impress.  Open plan and double height spaces have been integrated into a working environment where there are multiple opportunities to display art and jewellery, the main product of the retailer.

The building was designed so that the visitor’s journey went from public via semi private spaces and onto more formal meeting rooms with the chairman’s office at the top of the building. A high degree of state of the art media technology is incorporated into the building allowing worldwide communications and monitoring of global markets.

A refined use of materials including stone, wood and glass were chosen and illuminated by sustainable and multi level lighting with varying colour temperatures allowing the interiors to change to various mood settings.

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