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From the inception of the CDM regulations in 1994, Lewis & Hickey have fulfilled the role of the PLANNING SUPERVISOR which then became the CDM CO-ORDINATOR with the 2007 revision to the regulations and is now the PRINCIPAL DESIGNER under the current 2015 regulations. Regardless of the name changes L&H continue to offer a consistent and professional SAFETY FIRST service in fulfilling these vital roles.


As a design-led organisation we are uniquely placed to provide this service working alongside architects, designers, engineers and contractors.

Our chartered and technical safety & health practitioners have a fundamental understanding of design risk, the impact these can have on the client’s business during the construction phase and a strong track record in providing both practical and manageable solutions to minimise any risks.

When you appoint us as Principal Designer, although you will have a single named individual as contact, you are actually employing the services of a team of architects, designers, project managers, technicians and H&S professionals and the breadth of knowledge that brings to any project.

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